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Fat Ninja for iPhone and iPod Touch
Level Editor. Design and play.
The Level Builder is available only in the paid version of Fat Ninja. Fat Ninja - Beginnings does not contain this feature.
The level builder included in the game is the same one we used to design each and every level. Use it to create new and exciting levels. But before you start, read the description of each element below:
Main buttons.
The bottom list of buttons allow you to add each element to the canvas.
Add any type of rectangular brick: ice, wood or stone. For each one you have several sizes.
Add a rope between 2 bodies. After you tap this button you have to tap the first body for the rope (the initial point) and the second body. You have to have at least 2 bodies in the screen that can be tied with ropes. Cookies can't be tied to any rope. If you wish to cancel the rope creation after you selected this button, tap the Cancel button from the upper right corner of the screen.
Adds another enemy to the level. By default each level has at least one enemy. You can add others if you like.
You can add other platforms to the level besides the default one from the bottom of the screen. Platforms come in 2 types: fixed and flying ones. You have 2 types of flying platforms. These go up and down during the game.
From this button you can add stars (to collect for additional points), treasure chests (when opened with a bomb they add different elements to the level) or TNT boxes (they can be exploded with a bomb to generate a more powerful explosion). A TNT box explosion can even break stones.
Set what projectiles are available for your levels. You can combine bombs with shurikens and hooks or you can make levels where only one type of projectile is available.
From here you can add triangle shaped blocks of wood, ice or stone. Also from here you can add balloons. Smaller balloons have a lighter pulling force. Larger ballons can lift heavier objects.
Objects menu.
Each time an object is selected, the actions menu is visible in the right part of the screen. This menu is usually closed. To open it, tap the + sign.

Depending on the object you select, you could see any combination of these buttons:
Rotate the selected object to the right with 90°.
Fix the current object. Not all objects can be fixed on screen. This option is available for bricks. By making a bricked fixed, it will remain in the same place you put it until the end of the game or until it gets destroyed.
Delete the selected object.
Remove ropes. This button only appears if the selected object is tied to any rope. When you tap this button all ropes tied to the current object will be deleted.
Done. Deselect the selected object. The action menu will dissappear.
Pause / Play.
The top bar contains two buttons: Pause and Play. By pressing Play you start the physics engine to test your construction. By pressing Pause you bring up the level menu from where you can Save the current level, Delete it, Publish it or go Back to menu.

When you publish a game you save it to our servers. We review each published level and if it's good enough, we'll included in future updates of Fat Ninja.
How can you play your levels.
After you designed and saved at least one custom level, whenever you'll tap PLAY from the main menu you will see a new menu: NORMAL / CUSTOM.

Tap CUSTOM to access the levels you designed.
Video presentation.
In the Video section you can watch a Level Editor presentation, to see how easy it is to create and play your own levels.
Main buttons
Objects menu
Pause / Play
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