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Fat Ninja for iPhone and iPod Touch
Gameplay. Save a cookie today.
Aim and shoot. Kill the enemies and free the cookies. Solve all 144 puzzles.
Your goal is to use whatever projectiles you have available in each level to kill every enemy and save the cookie. The game contains 144 carefuly designed levels. And if that's not enough, we also included a powerful Level Builder, the same one we used to create each level from the game.
Aim and shoot.
We've designed an aiming gizmo that activates itself once you touch the ninja. First you have to select one of the available projectiles. You'll see the ninja switching his posture to be ready to throw the projectile you selected.
After you select a projectile (bomb, shuriken or rope) tap on the ninja to make the aiming gizmo appear. Move your finger to set the direction and power of the shot. The bigger the white circle, the powerful the shot will be.

When you lift the finger from the screen, Fat Ninja will throw the projectile in the direction you chose and with the force you chose.
Aiming gizmo
You can watch a tutorial on how to do this in the game (level 1) or in our video section: How to aim.
You have 4 types of weapons at your disposal: shurikens, bombs, timed bombs and hooks with ropes.


Shurikens are those little ninja stars. They are very effective, light and can be thrown at greater distances than other projectiles. And because they are lighter, they are more precise. If you throw them faster, their trajectory will be less impacted by gravity than that of the other projectiles.

Shurikens can break ice blocks and can cut ropes.

Bombs and timed bombs

Bombs are heavier and can destroy even wood blocks. They are not strong enough to destroy stone blocks though.

Bombs detonate on impact. Timed bombs have an adjustable timer and they only detonate when the timer reaches zero.


Hooks can be used to pull lighter blocks towards you. Wood blocks or smaller stone blocks can be pulled by tapping the red button with the rope on top.

Hooks can also destroy ice blocks and kill enemies.
Level Builder
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