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Fat Ninja for iPhone and iPod Touch
Who said fat is boring?
Fat Ninja is an action puzzle where you have to help the ninja to kill his enemies and save the cookies.

iPhone/iPod Touch:          iPad:
Where's my cookie?
Fat Ninja loves his cookies. He lived with them all his life. But now the bad guys have stolen them and trapped them in 144
different puzzles. Help Fat Ninja recover all his cookies.
Easy aiming mechanism.
After you select a projectile just tap the
ninja to make the aiming bubble appear. Move your finger away from the ninja and see the bubble grow.
Move the finger towards the ninja and see the bubble decrease. Move your finger up/down to set the direction. Lift your finger from the screen to fire.
Estimate before you detonate.
Bombs and hooks are heavier so they will get pulled by the gravitation. Aim higher. Shurikens are easier and fly straighter than bombs and hooks. Visit Gameplay for detailed information about the rules of the game.
Hours and hours of fun.
At launch Fat Ninja has 144 levels set in 3 different worlds so you can be sure you'll have enough puzzles to keep you occupied.
And if that's not enough for you, we've also included a powerful Level Builder, the same one we used to design the levels in the game.
Zoom out to see the whole scene.
During any game you can zoom in/out with the pinch gesture, just like you would do in the Photos App.
Zoom out to see the whole scene. This make it easier to estimate the shots.
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